Meet with the Ibbaka Team at the following events:

Ibbaka team members speak regularly on pricing, innovation, design thinking, scenario planning and go-to-market . We also organize small conferences on these themes. Contact

UpComing Events

In 2019 Ibbaka will be hosting a series of Meetups in Vancouver and Toronto on Value Innovation and Pricing. Stay tuned for dates, locations and themes.


Competitive Edge Disrupting the Disruptors

Chicago, Illinois

Steven Forth presented at the annual conference of the Product Development and Management Association's annual conference Competitive Edge. You can access his presentation here.

Session Abstract: Product managers need to lead pricing in early stage innovation, but this is not always recognized and product managers are generally not trained on pricing. By putting pricing in the context of service design, product managers can grasp the core concepts

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand how economic and emotional value interact to shape willingness to pay (WTP)

  • Have a repeatable method to design pricing and packaging

  • Know what data you need to collect to evolve your pricing model and messages

WaterTAP Learning Network: Pricing Enablement for Water Tech and Innovation Companies

October 22, 2018 - 11:00 am - 4:00 pm

Toronto, Ontario

Access the seminar slides here.

Effective pricing is the single most powerful lever to increase revenue, profit, and market share. Has your company optimized pricing for your most valued target segment to increase your revenue, profit, market share?

As part of Ontario Water Innovation Week, WaterTAP and Ibbaka are pleased to announce a half-day Learning Network workshop to help innovation stakeholders (technology, entrepreneurs, utilities, and investors) understand and explore good pricing practices and methods.

Date: October 22, 2018, 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Location: Ontario Investment and Trade Centre, 250 Yonge Street, 35th Floor, Toronto, Ontario

Early Bird Registration (until September 21): $349+HST

Registration after September 21: $399+HST

*Lunch and afternoon snacks are included in the program. Participants are responsible for their own travel and accommodation.

  • Introduce key concepts, tools, and methodologies to enable good pricing

  • Provide a common language towards creating a pricing framework

  • Build alignment and context to enable an organizational shift of business model

  • Understand the impact and implication of pricing decisions

  • Support the ability to defend, justify and uphold pricing decisions

  • Work through important pricing issues

  • Show how to create and communicate value to execute pricing excellence.

Participant companies will have access to an hour one-on-one consultation with specialized pricing consultants to discuss strategies and tactics specific to their needs.

For more information or would like to register for this please contact

Steven Forth at XPEG in Seattle May 17

Ibbaka partner Steven Forth will spoke to XPEG (Executive Peer Group) in the Seattle area on May 17, 2018. The focus for this leadership group was the critical role that strategic alignment plays in pricing, especially for companies that are taking enterprise solutions to market. You can see his slides here.

Meet with Ibbaka at the Professional Pricing Society Spring Conference in Chicago May 1-4


Ibbaka partner Steven Forth will be giving a talk on the skills needed by pricing experts. The talk will present data collected from surveys, interviews, analysis of job postings, LinkedIn and the TeamFit skill management platform.

Ibbaka presenting on Pricing Innovation at New Ventures BC on May 12

New Ventures BC

 New Ventures BC has an annual competition to find the most innovative new ventures in British Columbia. Ibbaka helps these companies think through their market segmentation, customer targeting and pricing challenges. On May 12 Ibbaka Partner Karen Chiang GAVE a talk on how young companies should be thinking about pricing. You can get her slides here.

Ibbaka to attend ProductCamp Boston on May 12


ProductCamp Boston

Product managers play a critical role in establishing differentiated value and setting pricing. Ibbaka is committed to the ProductCamp movement and will be participating in numerous events across North America. See In early stage innovation the product manager should drive pricing decisions.

Fireside Chat with Keith Ippel at the Leader's Roundtable on April 25

Keith Ippel is the leader of Spring and an innovator within the innovation space. He has been especially adept at bringing a social agenda into early stage investment and company mentoring. The Leader's Roundtable provides community, accountability and mentorship for social entrepreneurs. On Wednesday April 25, Keith will sit down with Ibbaka partner Steven Forth to talk about how a deep understanding of emotional and economic value should inform price strategy and price setting.

Ibbaka at HR Transform 2018 in Las Vegas April 4-5

Ibbaka partner Steven Forth will be attending to gather information on emerging best practices in HR and Talent Management. Ibbaka has clients in these industries and is researching trends in skill management. In May we will be presenting the results at the Professional Pricing Society.

Ibbaka at the 2018 Western Regional NACO Summit

  • WHEN: FEBRUARY 21 to 23


Pricing strategy and pricing power is a critical issue for investors. See our post Pricing Power. What It Is. How to Get It.

At the NACO Summit Ibbaka Partner Steven Forth led a session on How to Support Your Investees as part of the NACO Academy. Of course understanding market segmentation, customer targeting, pricing power and pricing strategy is a key aspect of due dilligence.

Ibbaka at Product Camp Vancouver


  • WHERE: UBC Robson Square, vancouver, bc

Wow, what a great event. Almost 500 people passionate about product innovation came out in the snow for an unConference where we talked about everything from Blockchain and Machine Learning to how to become a product manager. Of course, Ibbaka talked about why

In Early-Stage Innovation the Product Manager Should Drive Pricing Decisions.

Pricing of Early Stage Innovations at VentureLabs




Karen Chiang from Ibbaka presenting on pricing and innovation at VentureLabs

Thank you to everyone at VentureLabs for their help and support, especially Ian Hand and Ragina Yin. And a special thank you to the many people who attended and all of the great examples and questions.

A copy of Karen's presentation is available here.

Pricing is central to how you communicate your value and position your offer.

  • How pricing changes across the product lifecycle

  • Your pricing is part of your innovation

  • Pricing is based on the value you provide to your customers

  • Your data model should support your value and pricing models

Pricing power is important to investors. Read Karen's post on Smart investors care about how you price your offering

Webinar: Data Driven Pricing Strategies to Optimize Profit


Co-sponsored by Ibbaka and Keboola

  • Thursday, January 18, 2018 from 10:00 PM PST to 10:45 PST

  • (The recording will be made available soon.)

  • See the slide deck

SaaS and IoT applications collect enormous amounts of data that you should be using to optimize your pricing strategy. Learn the emerging best practices that will drive your profit in 2018.

For the CMO, CIO, CFO, VP Marketing, VP Product, Product Manager, Data Manager

What you will learn

  • The role of data in informing pricing and pricing models

  • The kinds of data you need to be collecting and how you should be using them

  • The difference between pricing optimization and pricing model innovation and the role that data plays in each

  • What advances in artificial intelligence and related techniques mean for your pricing strategy

PRODUCTtank: Pricing your Product for Success

With Steven Forth

  • Tuesday, November 28, 2017

    6:30 PM to 8:30 PM

  • UW-Madison Discovery Building

    330 N Orchard St, Madison, WI (map)

  • We'll be in the Orchard View Room on the 3rd floor of the Discovery Building (same building as Steenbock's)

Join us and become part of the larger product community in Madison! 

Hear from pricing expert Steven Forth, who will discuss the following themes to help set the right pricing for your customers:

• How various roles can influence and set the best pricing (product managers, founders, CEOs, developers or designers)

• Value of having a well-defined pricing strategy

• Pricing strategy for new vs. existing products

• How to get started choosing/developing a pricing strategy

• How to measure whether or not your pricing model is successful vs. failing

Prepare by reading In early-stage innovation the product manager should drive pricing decisions

Making Pricing a Strategic Priority in 2018

With Steven Forth

Wednesday November 22, 2017 with the Product Management Association of BC


#420 - 725 Granville, Vancouver , BC (map)

Connecting Market Segments and Value to Price

  • Pricing is where you and your customer have to agree. All of your product's features and benefits, your personas and value messages, your business model and revenue generation come to a point with your pricing.

  • Learn what questions to ask about your pricing for 2018 and explore ways to get to the answers.

  • Steven will cover the key business questions and strategic choices for pricing, the importance of innovative pricing models, the emerging role of data and analytics in pricing and best practices you can put to work right away.

Prepare by reading In early-stage innovation the product manager should drive pricing decisions



Professional Pricing Society (PPS) - 28th Annual Fall Pricing Workshop & Conference

October 25 - 27 San Diego, California

Ibbaka will be attending the 28th Annual Fall Pricing Conference in San Diego between Oct 25-27. Understanding the role of data in customer value creation is critical to effective value-based pricing and monetization strategy.

  • Please contact Karen Chiang (415.799.8236) or Steven Forth , if you would like to discuss pricing your B2B SaaS or Internet of Things offer.

How to Price Innovative New Offers - WORKSHOP



October 30, 2017 - 2:00 to 5:00 PM


At VentureLabs, 1200-555 West Hastings, Vancouver, BC (Harbour Centre)

Join us for a three-hour workshop on how to price early-stage innovations, facilitated by Ibbaka partner Steven Forth.  

Steven has helped companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 drive returns and increase profit, and is recognized as one of the world's leading pricing experts by OpenView Venture Partners. 


This workshop is for investors, directors, CEOs and revenue and product leaders.

You will leave with a solid, tested methodology for:

      -   understanding economic and emotional value of a new offer
      -   using these insights to devise a pricing strategy

This will greatly improve the odds of a successful product launch and make sure you are shaping the long-term market in your own interests.


Pricing is a critical success factor for the launch of new products and services. Too many companies leave pricing to the end of the launch process and simply guess at the price. You cannot afford to guess.

This workshop will give you a process for making the right strategic choices.

The result is pricing that reinforces your value proposition and helps you to execute on your strategy. Failure to price effectively at product launch can cripple new offers, and even markets, for years.


Full price  -------------------------------------------------------------          $ 495.00

Early- bird discount: 40%  -----------------------------------------------        $ 297.00
(Valid until November 19, 2017. Limit 2 tickets per order.                                                                     Eligible for additional 20% group discount for party of 2)

Group discount : 20% --------------------------------------------------          $396.00
(20% off per ticket for parties of 2 to 5. Limit 5 tickets per order)


BUY TICKET - Click Here


For any inquiries regarding the workshop, please contact us at

The workshop is limited to 20 attendees

This seminar will be offered in Toronto, Boston, Seattle and San Francisco in 2018.

OpenText Enterprise World 2017 - Digital Disruption

July 10-13 Metro Toronto Convention Centre


Understanding the value of the new technologies of digital disruption is critical. These technologies will only succeed if they can be priced in a way that communicates and reinforces their value. Ibbaka will be at this event to help innovators take their innovations to the next step.


Best in SaaS Toronto Ontario, June 28 with Timia Capital

Timia Best in SaaS

Ibbaka is working with Timia Capital to organize a morning conversation on pricing for SaaS. Please contact if you are interested in attending. We will be having some special guest speakers!


When: Wednesday, June 28th 7:30-9:30 am

Where: OneEleven West Garage

325 Front St W, Toronto, ON M5V 2Y1


Liveworx 2017 in Boston MA - May 22-25 2017

Event summary post: Pricing the Internet of Things: Insights from Liveworx

Ibbaka partner Steven Forth will be giving a talk "How will the Internet of Things Transform Pricing?" 

Pricing is one of the critical places you can innovate. The Internet of Things makes possible new pricing models that directly connect value to price. The companies that introduce new value-based pricing models often come to dominate their market. In this session, Industrial Internet of Things pricing expert Steven Forth will present a simple process for developing your pricing strategy and making pricing part of your innovation. Pricing is the most powerful lever you have to immediately increase revenue or profit or market share. It is where all of your work on understanding your market, customers and their buying process come together. Pricing excellence is critical to winning in the new Internet of Things world.

Contact us if you are interested in pricing your Internet of Things offers.  


New Ventures BC Startup Sprint in Vancouver BC - April 22 2017

Ibbaka partner Steven Forth will talk about pricing new innovations from 1:15 to 2:15. Too often, pricing is an afterthought and as a result new innovations fail when brought to market. In this presentation for New Ventures BC Steven will share a simple process for making pricing part of your innovation process.

Contact us if you would like to make pricing a pillar of your innovation strategy

See the presentation slides on Slideshare

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