Ibbaka Self-Assessment Tool Data Privacy and Data Policy

Established April 17, 2018 - this policy is the original policy and has not been modified.

Ibbaka Performance Support Inc. (hereafter Ibbaka) operates an online Self-Assessment Tool at http://www.ibbaka.com/self-assessment and other URLs.

This policy covers all uses of the Self-Assessment Tool.


Aggregated Data: Data input by all users and not connected to any individual user.

Report: A report generated by the Self-Assessment tool using Ibbaka’s algorithms based on information input by the User.

Report URL: A URL generated by the Ibbaka Self-Assessment Tool and sent to a User so that they can access a Report.

Self-Assessment Tool: An online tool developed by Ibbaka used to provide assessments of market segmentation, value communication, pricing and other aspects of sales and marketing strategy.

User: An individual or an individual acting on behalf of an organization that has entered information into the Self-Assessment Tool.


Description of Service

Users answer questions about their market segmentation, value communication and pricing practices and are given access to a custom report based on their inputs.

The report is generated using proprietary algorithms that are the property of Ibbaka and which are updated from time to time.

The report is accessed through a Report URL, generated by the Self-Assessment tool and sent to the user by email.


Access to Report and Sharing of Report

The data entered into the Self-Assessment Tool is private and can only be seen by a person who has been given access to the report. The person entering the report may share the report (by means of sharing the Report URL) without restriction.


Ibbaka Right of Use of Aggregated Data

Ibbaka maintains the right to aggregate data entered into the Self-Assessment Tool and to use this Aggregated Data to look for patterns. Ibbaka may from time to time publish reports based on the Aggregated Data. Ibbaka may use this Aggregated Data in other applications that it may develop.


Data Deletion

Ibbaka may delete data and Reports at any time at its sole discretion.


Limitation of Liability

Ibbaka has no responsibility and accepts no liability of any kind for for any actions or decisions made based on a Report.


Change of Policy

This policy can only be changed with the explicit permission of the User and Ibbaka; however, if the User does not agree to the changes, Ibbaka may delete their data from the system. This is to allow Ibbaka to evolve its privacy policy. A User will receive one month notice of any changes to this privacy policy and will have one month to accept the changes. If the User fails to accept the changed policy data will be deleted two months after first notification of the changed policy.

Ibbaka has no liability or responsibility of any kind for decisions made using a Report generated by the Self-Assessment Tool.

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