The following Research highlights examples of how emotional and economic (monetary) value is created within different industries, and how they can be leveraged to create positive business results.

Pricing Innovation

This report explores the difference between how disruptive innovators and sustaining innovators approach pricing. Sustaining innovators tend to use value-based pricing. Disruptive innovators tend to use market-following pricing.


Skills for Pricing Experts

What critical skills are used for pricing and how are these changing? What do companies need to do to build pricing expertise and put it to work? This research was done in collaboration with TeamFit and SV Pricing.

Getting Value from Content Marketing Analytics

Many companies are investing heavily in content marketing. What value do they expect to get in return? We interviewed experienced content marketers and conducted an extensive survey in order to find out. 

Pricing Excellence Report

We worked with product management, marketing and sales experts to understand the business impact of pricing excellence.

Creating Value for Opto-Mechanical Design and Engineering Work

We surveyed professionals within the optical and mechanical engineering industry to understand the differences in value creation for engineering and product lead roles, and how addressing workflow gaps can translate into long-term organizational sustainability and positive business results

The Value Organizations are Looking For in Digital Content Management

We surveyed professionals engaged in product development and product marketing to gain insight into how digital content is currently used within the new product or service development and marketing processes and how it  creates value for organizations.


What is Value Management?
(And why you should care)

Value management is a holistic approach that results in alignment between product management, marketing, pricing, sales and other business functions. The goal is sustainable and profitable revenue growth.

Steven Forth led the creation of this position paper.

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Pricing and Innovation.

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