Our Approach is rooted in understanding how you create value for your customers and how pricing structures can capture part of that value for you.

Our Proven data-driven approach combines analytical software, multi-source data and consulting to help you execute on pricing strategy.


Ibbaka Pricing Process

  • UNDERSTAND market dynamics
  • SEGMENT market on value drivers and buying process
  • CHOOSE target market
  • REFINE value drivers
  • DESIGN pricing offer & architecture
  • SET prices
  • DEVELOP monitoring system
  • OPTIMIZE prices
  • SUPPORT sales

Ibbaka Pricing Tools


  • Value-based Market Segmentation & Customer Targeting
  • Pricing Segmentation
  • Economic Value Estimation (EVE)
  • Value Maps
  • Matrix of Competitive Advantage
  • Pricing Architecture Framework
  • Revenue & Profit Modeling
  • Price Monitoring Tools
  • Value Communication Tools
  • Value-based Sales Training
  • Online Learning Tools
  • Scenario Planning
  • Pattern Recognition & Machine Learning
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