What we do

Ibbaka will help you design your pricing to:


demonstrate value to your customers

Without value there is nothing to price. To price on value, one has to create and communicate differentiated value to the customer.


target the best customers

Targeting the most attractive customer segments that will respond to your pricing and value proposition is a key component of go-to-market strategy. Targeting is about prioritizing, as well as generating the most return on your marketing and sales investment.


capture a fair share of that value

Customers will only accept value claims and pricing if they think you are being fair to them. What does it mean to be fair? In pricing, the perception of fairness is based on three things: transparency, consistency and value.


optimize for revenue, profit or market share

Pricing is a powerful lever to maximize either revenue, profit or market share, but not all at the same time. Effective pricing requires alignment around pricing goals and managing critical trade-offs.


How we do it

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We take a value-based approach to pricingthe best methodology for innovative offers.

The foundation of value-based pricing is the differentiated value an offer provides to a customer, relative to the next best alternative. Value has emotional and economic components. In today's world, both are essential.

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We bring new approaches to market segmentation, customer targeting and pricing design.

We segment your market based on how your customers get value and how they buy. Our proprietary data analytics tools reveal the hidden patterns within your market. We use these insights to design compelling pricing and to help you target the right customers.

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