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Ibbaka is one of the world's leading pricing consultancies, focused on pricing of innovations and pricing of bundled solutions. We serve B2B, Industrial Internet of Things and medical technology firms.

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Market segmentation and Customer Targeting

Apply value-based market segmentation techniques to target the customers where you are most likely to be successful.

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Value Communication

Establish best practices for cross-channel communication by understanding what resonates along your customer journey.

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Value-Based Sales

Help your salesforce clearly communicate the value of new products, services and solutions. Sales needs to be able to communicate value in order to optimize pricing.

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Design Thinking

Apply design process to create customer centric solutions that will drive business results.


Service Design

Follow your customer across the full journey, layering in how value is communicated, delivered and monetized through pricing.

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Scenario Planning

Used to understand the range of possible futures and to prepare plans for each path.

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Skills Expertise

Build skills and competency/capability models to understand current and future skills to enable your people to perform.

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Due Diligence

Assess investments and identify the critical risks and opportunities for success. Make investments choices about marketing strategy and product innovation that will increases valuations.


Our services

We work with your team to develop bespoke blended learning and performance support.



We design and deliver half and one day seminars in the areas of pricing, marketing strategy, sales enablement, scenario planning, design thinking, skills modelling, and due diligence.



We enable remote learners by utilizing 60 minutes of focused and engaged knowledge sharing.


Online Learning

We create customized self-paced online learning courses with videos, interactive exercises, polls, and assessments.


On-the-job tools

We provide online and downloadable tools that help people apply their learning as they actually do the work. Tools range from checklists and pricing calculators to frameworks for strategic choice making, market segmentation, value-based pricing and other critical capabilities.


Ibbaka Perfomance Platform

We make it possible to deliver online learning and on-the-job tools through your Learning Management System (using SCORM or AICC) or Learning Experience Platform (using xAPI). Ibbaka has received awards for its learner-driven, multimodal e-learning with sophisticated content.

Our approach


IBBAKA designs for motivation and gives people a reason to want to learn by engaging them on an emotional level:

Respects people’s time, attention and learning style.

Builds shared concepts, framework and vocabularies.

Grows community through shared notes and examples.

Measures impact by looking at skills gained, the impact on marketing plans, and business results.



HCM Excellence Awards, Excellence in Learning, Brandon Hall


Gold, 2017
Best Advance in Custom Content

Strategy & Planning:
Amplifies the marketing capabilities of marketers.


Gold, 2017
Best Advance in Custom Content

Commercial Excellence:
Instructs marketers how to achieve commercial excellence.


Silver, 2018
Best Advance in Custom Content

Pricing Excellence:
Ensures learners understand value-based pricing—how to capture and communicate value.


Bronze, 2018
Best Advance in Custom Content

Market Shaping:
Guides marketers to understand and practice market shaping.

International E-Learning Awards, E-Learning, iELA


Runner-Up, 2018
BD Market Shaping Toolkit Online


Honorable Mention, 2018
BD Pricing Excellence


Honorable Mention, 2017
BD Marketing and Global Product Development System (GPDS) Commercial Excellence program

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