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How are pricing skills evolving? Join the survey!


Ibbaka has partnered with the leading skill management platform, TeamFit, to research the skills needed for pricing excellence.

 Please take the survey!

This survey is on the long side, and will take about 15 minutes to complete. We feel the subject is important enough for people passionate about pricing that it is worth the time. Hopefully, taking this survey will also spark some thoughts about your own work, challenges and opportunities.

Please share the survey with anyone in your network whose work touches on pricing!

This is part of a multi-faceted research project that includes this survey, a series of interviews, data scraping from various sources, and analysis through the TeamFit platform. The results will be presented at the Professional Pricing Society Spring Workshops and Conference in Chicago in May.

The results of this research will be of interest to

  • Pricing professionals interested in which skills they need to develop and where they will apply them
  • Pricing and marketing leaders who need to build teams and support skill growth
  • HR leaders who want to prepare their organizations for the new pricing and business challenges that are coming around the corner
  • Recruiters who need to know what skills to look for in pricing experts

You can get a feel for TeamFit by looking at my skill profile. Notice the pricing skills!

If you would like to be interviewed for this research, to share your thoughts on how pricing skills are evolving, please contact us at 


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