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Value Innovation and Pricing - Vancouver - A new Meetup Group


Ibbaka is sponsoring a new meetup group in Vancouver,

Value Innovation and Pricing Vancouver

Innovation is often a community activity. Sometimes the people in the community are in the same company, other times they form the company, and sometimes the innovations are realized within an open community. The Ibbaka team has learned and benefited from our participation in the Vancouver community, and it is time to give back. Rocket Builders, VentureLabs, E-Fund, VanTec, Angel Forum have all helped us to shape our ideas for Ibbaka and carry them forward. We hope people from all of these communities will join and benefit from the conversations that we will have at this meetup.

You can join here.

The focus of this group is captured in its name: Value Innovation and Pricing.

Value: Any meaningful innovation creates new forms of value, be they emotional, social or economic. In most cases, one wants to have a combination of all three. That value needs to be different from what has come before. In other words, successful innovation depends on differentiated value. We hope to have many conversations about how to create, communicate and deliver the value of innovations.

Innovation: So what is innovation anyway? In our world, it is a new way of delivering value or a better way to deliver value. New ways to deliver value depend on creating new value drivers. These are often disruptive innovations. Sustaining innovations are just as important. These innovations improve on the performance of existing value drivers. We want to support conversation on all sorts of innovation and provide a trusted environment for conversations on innovation.

Pricing: At the end of the day, we need to get a return on our investments. If we can’t get a return on our investment in innovation, it won’t be sustained. In today’s rapidly changing world, innovations that do not get ongoing investment are likely to wither away. Good pricing is the key to getting a return on a valuable innovation. And, pricing has itself has become a focus of innovation. In this meetup, we plan to have lots of conversations on pricing and how to execute on this critical function.

We will engage on all parts of the value innovation cycle.

The Value Innovation Cycle

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Pricing and Innovation

The first meetup is planned for Thursday January 17, join the group to stay updated. The theme is open for discussion. One possibility is

“Pricing and Value Along the Customer Journey.”

Ibbaka has been doing a lot of work on how to integrate value communication, value delivery and pricing into a customer journey map and to use this as both a diagnostic and design too. You can see some of our ideas here.

This is just one idea, please feel free to add others to the Meetup Group discussions.

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