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Why and who is Ibbaka?


The people who came together to form Ibbaka have a long working history of working together. We have built companies together, organized communities of practice and even put on a few conferences. We know how each other work and how we learn. One of our major projects is TeamFit, a skill management platform that helps people and organizations understand their skills and uncover potential.

Why start a new company? We had an opportunity to help a long-term partner create value for a customer. Basically, we were asked to build a software platform and content to activate and embed marketing strategy. Our team wanted to engage in this work for several reasons:

1)    We knew that we could impact the way in which our customer’s global marketing team would approach marketing performance and enablement


2)    With a focus on the roles of each individual marketer and how they approached their jobs, we could truly target learning that would garner good results


3)    The nature of the project demanded that we push innovation



4)    Our offering would enable us, with our customer, to develop a bundling of product, service and unique capability that would serve as a foundation for the creation of differentiated value.


We needed a name for our legal entity... Something that was dot-com-able, but was also a reflection of who we are and what we stand for.. The derivation of our company name is made up from the Ancient Egyptian concept of the soul, representative of the lifeblood and the enduring spirit of our company. We incorporated three components of soul in our name, Ibbaka:

·      IB (Heart)

·      BA (Personality)

·      KA (Vital spark)


All of us at Ibbaka are passionate about what we do and each of us has specialties in our own right. We have partners who have xperience in go-to-market strategy, including segmentation, targeting, market sizing, pricing strategy including price modeling and pricing architecture and value-based sales. In fact, at the heart (IB) of what we do is our value-based approach.

Our team also brings combined personality (BA). Aside from our business focus, Ibbaka combines analytical software and multi-source data and machine learning to help companies execute on pricing strategy. We have hard-core developers and designers to develop products that are not just usable but also fit well into the workflows of our customers’ experience.  As a company focused on Business-to-Business (B2B) Software as a Service (SaaS) companies, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and market platform businesses, we strive for diversity. It is the diverse personality of our team that enables us to differentiate and create unique value.

Bundling all these elements together creates the magic; it is the vital spark (KA) where we are able to come together as a team, thrive and deliver work that we can be proud of. Learn more about who we are

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