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Steven Forth
Managing Partner

Steven is responsible for Ibbaka’s strategic direction and key relationships. He is an expert in marketing strategy (segmentation, targeting,revenue models, pricing) human & organizational performance, learning and knowledge management. Named one of the top 10 pricing authorities in the world by OpenView Venture Partners, Steven has helped companies from Fortune 500 to start-ups drive returns and increase profits. Steven also serves as CEO and Director at TeamFit a company he co-founded. Prior, he founded and served as CEO at LeveragePoint Innovations, Inc., a firm that provides a value-based pricing platform. He served as the Vice President of Online Solutions at Monitor Group, later Monitor Deloitte, where he enabled rapid growth for clients. Steven is frequently found with book at hand, on a bike, enjoying his family, poetry, cooking and watching the Gilmore Girls.

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Karen Chiang
Managing Partner

Karen is responsible for Ibbaka’s overall strategy, operations, and product direction. She ensures that Ibbaka clients derive continuing value from Ibbaka's solutions. As a senior consultant, Karen’s domain interests and expertise include: go-to-market strategy—specializing in market segmentation and pricing. She is passionate about performance, the team and the dynamics needed to achieve managed growth. Karen is also the COO of TeamFit. Prior, she managed a technology services provider of enterprise applications (custom, IBM and Microsoft). A strong supporter of innovation, Karen is an angel investor through E-Fund, where she is involved in due diligence on early stage companies. She is also a mentor with the SHAD Valley program. Karen now spends free time rereading the classics with her high-school aged children and enjoys the great food of Vancouver. She loves travel, exploring different cultures, and food.

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Warren Taylor
Managing Partner

Warren Taylor leads Ibbaka’s development, ensuring high-quality delivery of our applications and products. He brings reason and logic to strategic and operational decisions. Warren uses his practical, creative and inquisitive mind to develop elegant solutions. A loving husband and father, Warren and family can be found biking and hiking year round.


N-Q Chang

N-Q brings beauty and function to all design related to Ibbaka, for the company itself and for its customers. A true patient and caring heart, N-Q listens to those who interact with her to bring clarity and understanding in the advice she gives. N-Q has designed across various mediums and her passion is information architecture, finding ways to use visualization to communicate effectively. Well-loved she can be found surrounded with friends, good food and conversation.

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David Botta

David brings a high degree of consideration when creating applications, making interactions purposeful, pleasing, and effective. He is a professional artist working across both physical and virtual worlds. He has a PhD in interactive art. David enjoys time away from Vancouver on Thetis Island which is the perfect environment for his practise of Tai Chi.


Lee Iverson

Lee is passionate about doing work that significantly poses a challenge. His experience in software engineering and research is truly diverse but the common theme is making systems more intelligent so that they are better able to interact with users. Lee has a PhD in computer vision and his recent endeavours centres around artificial intelligence, machine learning, privacy and security. Lee also can be found with a book or his iPad. A deep learner, and great teacher as a result, Lee can provide insightful commentary on a wide range of topics: sports, music, film, literature, language... the list is long.

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Gregory Ronczewski


Anapaula Pollak


Rashaqa Rahman


Kavita George

Aleksandar Arsovski