Transform Your Pricing

Transform Pricing

Ibbaka is the leading advisor on pricing strategy for B2B SaaS, Market Platforms and the Industrial Internet of Things. Understand how new data models can transform your pricing.


Pricing is the single most powerful lever to increase revenue & profit.

Ibbaka partner Steven Forth is recognized as one of the world's leading pricing experts by OpenView Venture Partners.

Ibbaka will help you redesign your pricing to

  • Demonstrate value to customers
  • Optimize for profit, revenue or market share
  • Target the best customers
  • Our focus is B2B Software, SaaS, Industrial Internet of Things, Bots and Agents

The Ibbaka Pricing Process

Goal – Optimize pricing for your most valuable market segment
Outcome – Higher revenue, profit or market share

Based on a data-driven process proven to have success

Understand market dynamics

Segment market on value drivers & buying process

Choose target segments

Refine value drivers

Design pricing and offer architecture

Set prices

Develop monitoring system


Support sales

Ibbaka Pricing Tools

Market segmentation (value-based market segmentation + behavioral segmentation + firmographics)

Pricing segmentation

Economic Value Estimation (EVE)

Value maps

Customer price response (conjoint, Van Westendorp)

Matrix of competitive advantage

Pricing architecture framework

Revenue and profit modelling